Find Your Tribe

It’s not about the kids.

(well it is a little about them)

The MOMS Club® plans a calendar each month with a variety of activities. This enables you to pick and choose what fits in with your interests and schedule. The goal is for our MOMS to meet other moms and form lasting and deep friendships. That is the heart and soul of our club- moms building relationships and supporting one another on the motherhood journey! Our club is made up of all ages and stages- because whether we are dealing with toddler or teenage tantrums, we need each other!

We almost always meet on weekdays during working hours, because we believe that’s when stay-at-home moms need the most support. Here is a quick rundown of some of our activities. While some activities are targeted to certain ages, most are open to any age.


Play dates

A Club favorite, in-home play dates are made possible by members who volunteer to generously open their homes. It’s an opportunity for the children to play with a variety of toys in the safety of another mom’s home. These usually involve coffee, treats, and lots of great conversation.


Community Activities

Craft Club, story time at the library, park play dates, doughnuts downtown, the list goes on and on! We host regular monthly events and we also always get ideas and feedback from our members. When there is a fun community event happening, we add it to our calendar. These are just a sampling of the activities on our calendar designed to get you out with other moms!


Moms Only

A night out with just adults? YES PLEASE! two events each month without the kids, MOMS Night Out (or In) can be dinner or a play out on the town or a minute to win it games and yoga pants in with the girls... either way, this event is always a blast! KAMP (Kids Away Moms Play) is a daytime event that we have monthly for moms who have children in school during the day. We meet for coffee, shopping, pedicures-but mostly just to enjoy a little adult conversation!